Patti Smith, Massive Attack, Viggo Mortensen among 70+ artists demanding free speech on Palestine

Artists for Palestine UK

Artists for Palestine UK is publishing (below) a longer version of the open letter published in tomorrow’s print edition of the Guardian, with the full list of signatories.

The statement responds to news that the award-winning band Young Fathers were invited, disinvited and re-invited to the Ruhrtriennale arts festival in Germany, following demands that they renounce their support for the global movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) in support of Palestinian rights. The band refused, and re-affirmed their support for human rights principles. Now, 79 artists, writers and producers from all fields of the arts in the UK, the US, Germany and beyond, plus public figures including Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis, speak out about what they say is an “alarming form of censorship, “blacklisting” and repression”.

No Palestine Exception to Freedom of Speech [1]

We, the undersigned artists, writers and public figures, are disturbed…

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Fallen Summer Dreams…

Stinging Fly Stories | Anthology 2018


I’m delighted to have my story, A Sin to Tell the Naked Truth, collected in the Stinging Fly Stories anthology edited by Declan Meade and Sarah Gilmartin. A collection of forty short stories by forty writers published in The Stinging Fly magazine to celebrate its first 20 years.

I also really enjoyed reading an extract from a story by Nicole Flattery (Hump) for a special Stinging Fly podcast in which Sarah Gilmartin joins Sally Rooney to discuss five of the stories collected in the anthology.

Over the years, I’ve had four stories and a few blog pieces kindly published by the Stinging Fly. The magazine, helmed by gifted editor Declan Meade, has been an invaluable resource for new and emerging writers. As an extra but most important bonus Declan always pays his writers! #paytheartist

SPARK campaign supports Together For Yes

Spark Ireland Campaign

SPARK campaign after discussions has decided to take a position in the upcoming Referendum. We will support a vote YES to repeal the eight amendment by removing article 40.3.3 from the constitution. As a group that represents mostly women, and as single mothers are sometimes at the heart of the debate we felt we could not be silent.

SPARK is a campaign group of single parents who came together in 2011 to oppose cuts to one parent families. Since 2011 we have been campaigning for better outcomes for one parent families, and offer support to many lone parents. We are a voluntary group of campaigners and as a group we are diverse in political, religious and non-political or religious views.

Prior to the Referendum as a campaign group we never identified as pro-life or pro-choice, and still do not. Although an internal poll in 2012 suggested most members sided with…

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