Media Rundown: Mainstream Narrative Fractures Under Tension


by Kit


The mandated, acceptable opinions that we’re all currently being told we should hold are becoming more and confused, contradictory and insane. As a writer, one hates to keep going back to the 1984 well…but papers like The Guardian leave you very little choice. What are the following if not direct, pure examples of doublethink?

The Guardian, in one of their annonymous editorials the “Guardian View” on Putin’s speech yesterday, claim:

In the eyes of many Russians, the Syrian adventure has also brought tragedy for their own civilians, in the shape of the bombing of a plane full of holidaymakers. Rightly or wrongly, such a shock is seen as proof that there is a price to pay for intervention abroad…

And yet, in the weeks leading up to the all-too-predictable decision by the British parliament to drop some more bombs on Syria, the MSM printed – without contradiction, examination…

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