A Place for Ponderings on Performance


by EL Putnam

My first experience of Irish performance art in the flesh was in 2005. Andre Stitt was a visiting artist at the School of Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in Boston, where I was completing my undergraduate degree. My memories of this event are now fragments, but he left a definite impression on me. I recall sitting on the floor of room B209 — our black box classroom that provided the platform for so many mixed memories and artistic misadventures. The intensity of the performance was undeniable. Some actions that come to mind are: Stitt pulling aside one of the black out curtains that surrounded the room, only to slam a sledgehammer into the white wall beneath it, placing a pig’s head in the hole; carving a word (that now escapes me) into his arm with a scalpel; setting napalm on fire (an action, I learned later, that…

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