Ana Tijoux: ‘We can’t think of a feminism, an anti-patriarchy, without anti-capitalism’

Committee on U.S./Latin American Relations

Anita-tijoux-620x330.jpgby Ana María Tijoux
Woman, daughter, mother, comrade, singer, feminist and much more.
March 8, 2017

Originally published in Spanish here
Translated to English by Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations

Another feminism

We face relentless violence, and we live in cold times. We’re facing historic moments in which the speed of the market and its depraved nature are gnawing down the essence of humanity, turning the world toward a fascism exacerbated to unprecedented levels. In addition, being provoked is a tremendous barbarism of genocide perpetuated for centuries against women. It’s a naturalized, state-sanctioned, normalized and deepening fascism, whose waves of violence seem to measure the strides of a giant. “Es un monstruo grande que pisa fuerte,” they used to sing. It’s a big monster that stomps hard. History – our history – is an unavoidable witness to that.

I have the privilege of traveling for my work, and when I…

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