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I am a writer based in Dublin. Stories of mine have been published in Stinging Fly Stories, 2018, in The Stinging Fly magazine, New Planet Cabaret, The Wild Word Magazine, Penduline Press (U.S)and Carve Magazine (U.S). My flash fiction has been broadcast on RTE Radio One and my story An Errant Light was short-listed for the Fish Short Story competition, 2013.

I am writing an historical novel about a young peasant woman who recounts her life before and after the famine that destroyed all she knew, forcing her to use her wits to survive and bear witness to her dead. ‘The story of your life is born into your soul. From the moment a body draws breath, how your family and your ancestors lived – their loves and hatreds and fears – all of their history haunts you. If we don’t honour our dead, their passions overcome us.’

Since 2010 I have collaborated with a group of artists on a series of projects – Edges & Margins I and IIwhich combined narrative, film, visual art and music to explore issues around urban space, identity, and expression. [Edges & Margins II pictured below].

I have also written work in response to live art performances in Dublin specifically Live Stock events, a platform that supports and promotes experimental performance-based work.

Published Fiction 


Stinging Fly Stories, An anthology of 40 stories by 40 authors, celebrating 20 years: 1998-2018. Edited by Sarah Gilmartin & Declan Meade, May 2018. [Collected: A Sin to Tell the Naked Truth].

May DayThe Wild Word Magazine, March 2016.

Heterotopias, Colony Literary Magazine, an Irish journal of experimental writing. 2014.

Numinosity on Talbot Street, New Planet Cabaret, New Island Books, Nov, 2013. Commissioned pieces by emerging Irish writing talent.

Eyes in the Walls, Penduline Press (USA), June 2013.

Flâneuse, The Stinging Fly, Summer 2012.

A Sin to Tell the Naked Truth, The Stinging Fly Spring, 2012.

New York Stories, The Stinging Fly Blog entry, August 2011.

Shadows in a Glass, The Stinging Fly, Summer 2010.

The Shape of Things, collected in Best of Carve Magazine Volume 3, 2002, USA.

A Good Guy, The Stinging Fly, Autumn 2002.

Responses to Live Art in Dublin

The Assistants, in:Action Live Art Review, Feb 2016.

Spaces of Transformation, Livestock at DLAF 2014.

Broadcast Radio & Podcasts

Stinging Fly Podcast.  Sarah Gilmartin joins Sally Rooney to discuss five of the stories collected in our brand new anthology, Stinging Fly Stories. Excerpts from ‘Adventure Stories for Boys’ by Kevin Curran, ‘The Quiet’ by Carys Davies, ‘Night of the Silver Fox’ by Danielle McLaughlin, ‘Hump’ by Nicole Flattery, and ‘Last Days of the Buffalo’ by Kevin Barry. The stories are read by Karl Parkinson, Nora Pyne, Lucy Sweeney Byrne, Leona Lee Cully, and Oisín Fagan.

Arena, RTE Radio 1: Runner up on RTE Radio One’s Arena Flash Fiction Challenge with my story ‘On Evil, and Smiling Bess‘, May 2012. Tx 19 June 19, 2012 and read by Leona Lee Cully.

Guest Blog

A Most Shameful Inspiration, The Stinging Fly, Dublin



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  1. Hi Leona Lee,

    I’m pleased to write to you from InkWell Management, a literary agency, based in Manhattan. I had the pleasure of coming across one of your stories, “A Sin to Tell the Naked Truth” published by The Stinging Fly back in 2012 and was really taken by your writing. This prompted me to dig a little deeper and I see that you’ve published quite a bit.

    I’m a literary agent at InkWell, slowly growing my list and was wondering whether you have a literary agent yet? If not, I would love the opportunity to chat! Here’s my bio, http://inkwellmanagement.com/staff/maria-whelan in case you are interested to learning more.

    Hope to hear from you!


    Maria Whelan
    InkWell Management
    521 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2600
    New York, NY 10175
    Tel: 212-922-3500
    Twitter: @InkwellMgmt

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