A Gentrified Christmas in Smithfield

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Smithfield Square, Christmas. . Gentrified spectacle . Infernos of light but the modern concrete slabs disrupting the cobbles chill bones . A space sketched by planners for paper-plan people who have no need to sit and think for free . Paper-plan people in paper-plan apartments who worship cafes & festivals & smile happily as they pay out their future in rent to paper-plan landlords . At witching hour in the old market square listen for echoes of horse fairs, farm yards, a crush of accents, a riot of life . Now this space is hollow, unsure of its people, its purpose. Lonely for company, grass, trees, birdsong, benches, picnics, drinking, disorder, all the mess of life. #smithfield #dublin #gentrification #urbancleansing #prosepoem #regeneration #anticapitalist

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