The Wild World- the Revolution Issue

May Day, a short story by Leona Lee Cully, featuring the artwork of Bernadette Beecher.

‘I close my eyes and imagine that if I sit here for long enough, under this plane tree, a skin of bark might grow over me, transform me into a wood nymph. I could live in this city park, aching forever towards the Tolka River. My only task would be to observe the beer cans, condoms, polystyrene coffee cups, footballs, and broken umbrellas that tumble down river and drift out to sea.

The poetry, all the books I have read, all the arts degrees I have taken fall away, useless as flakes of skin. All that is solid melts into air.’

'Torn' by Bernadette Beecher, 2015

Torn by Bernadette Beecher, 2015.


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